Please check the FAQ before submitting an inquiry.
If you are still unable to solve your issue after viewing the FAQ, please submit an inquiry.

■Why did maintenance begin so suddenly?
Please note that maintenance may be conducted without prior notice. The period of a maintenance may also be extended without prior notice.

■Why am I being returned to the TOP screen?
It is possible that the load on the server is causing connection issues.
In this case, please allow some time before attempting to access the app again.

■Why are images and/or outfit changes not displaying correctly?
Please try restarting your device and/or clearing your browsing history.

■Why am I not getting Friend Invite Rewards?
Friend Invite Rewards are distributed once the invitee creates their character. Please note, if any of the following applies to the invitee, then rewards will not be distributed.
・Invitee has not created an account
・Invitee has not created a character
・Invitee has registered for and deleted the app in the past
・Invitee has registered via another player's invitation.
If the above do not apply and rewards are still not distributed, please have your invitee submit an inquiry.

■How do I check my Data Transfer ID and password? (Non-iOS version)
Check your Data Transfer ID and password by selecting "Data transfer" at the bottom of the TOP screen, then "Click here to display ID and Password".

■I forgot my Data Transfer ID and/or password! (Non-iOS version)
Data Transfer cannot be done if the Data Transfer ID and/or password are lost or incorrect.

■Why won't my Data Transfer ID and password work? (Non-iOS version)
Please check that you have entered the correct Data Transfer ID and password while paying extra attention to the following:
・Uppercase and lowercase letters
・Similar characters such as the number "0" and the letter "O"
・Unnecessary spaces

■How do I get Personality Points?
Have your MyRoid Study to increase their Personality Points. You can use these to change their Personality.

■How do I get Moen?
Have your MyRoid Work to earn Moen.

■How do I get CAN?
Get CAN by making purchases in the Shop.
You can also get CAN through other methods such as Login Bonuses.

■How do I raise Affection?
When you talk to your MyRoid, their reactions will change depending on their Affection for you.
If you react in a way they do not like, their Affection for you will decrease.

■How do I improve Condition?
When you talk to your MyRoid, their reactions will change depending on their Condition.
If you react in a way they do not like, their Condition will decline.

■How do I wake my MyRoid?
MyRoids can only be active for 18 hours. Have them Sleep for 6 hours to recharge before you wake them again.
If a MyRoid is active for more than 18 hours, they will go into a forced sleep mode and cannot be woken for 12 hours.

■How do I get more MyRoids?
You can get more MyRoids by raising your Master Level.
Work, Study, or Socialize with other players' MyRoids to increase your Master Level.

■How do I get more outfits?
Purchase clothing at Studio Sakura in the Shop. You can also get outfits by participating in Events.

■How do I change how my MyRoid calls me?
Depending on your Master Level and MyRoid Personality, you can change the Nickname your MyRoid calls you by.
You can also use Change Tickets to make changes regardless of your Master Level and MyRoid Personality.

■How do I Recommend?
Recommending can be done via Saralink. Select items to Recommend to other players' MyRoids.

■How do I Socialize?
Socializing can be done via Iralink. Select Socialize to socialize with other players' MyRoids.

【Operating Hours】
Weekdays 11:00-17:00 JPT
※Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, maintenance periods, New Year holidays, and other specified holidays.
※Inquiries are accepted 24 hours a day, but those received outside of our operating hours will be handled on the next business day or later.
※Please note, we cannot respond to inquiries regarding game strategies.
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